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Root Industries | Deck Xtension (21 x 4.75/5.5/6)

Root Industries | Deck Xtension (21 x 4.75/5.5/6)

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 In the world of freestyle scootering, sizing is sacred and Scooter Hut is excited for yet another world's first from the innovative Root Industries: The Xtension deck.

With the implementation of extension rails that slide elegantly onto the sides of the deck, the Xtension deck can be either 4.75", 5.5" or 6" in width.

Each Xtension rail is simple to swap out and robust enough to retain its shape and stands up to the most demanding riding. The Xtension rails remain rigid and maintain the ability to be added to or removed from the sides of the main deck frame.

Last, but certainly not least, the Xtension deck includes Root Industriesäó» signature HoneyCore pattern cut-out on the main deck to maximise weight reduction and achieve optimal balance.

Durable, lightweight, and customisable, the Xtension deck is the first of its kind, setting a new standard in versatility and overall riding experience.



With medium (21") and large (22") length options to accommodate any size and style of rider the Xtension decks have a comfortable amount of foot space.

Each Xtension deck comes standard with interchangeable rails that allow the deck to be 4.75", 5.5" or 6" in total width, giving the rider his or her choice of widths on-demand.

Boxed deck ends allow for smoother 5-0-style tricks and optimal weight distribution throughout the entire deck.

The Xtension deck comes with 3 sets of stylized boxed drop outs including axles and spacers for each rail size and either 24/30mm wheel sizes.

Reducing weight while retaining a high level of strength the iconic Root Industries HoneyCore pattern on the Xtension deck's cut-out gives the deck an amazing feel all around.

The hollow, interchangeable rails on the Xtension deck grant superior weight reduction, all while maintaining a sleek look and structural integrity.


Most decks don't include griptape. Make sure you also buy a sheet.

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