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Envy | Bar Reaper V3 Oil Slick (Aluminum)

Envy | Bar Reaper V3 Oil Slick (Aluminum)

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The Envy Reaper bars are about the tallest aluminium bars on the market, yet are about 30% lighter than standard bars.

Standard size inner and an Oversize external diameter (34.9mm) so you will need to use an oversize clamp.

Some of the lightest bars on the market weighing in at 900g, Perfect for experienced riders wanting a light-weight setup, around 30% lighter than standard Chromoly bars.
Whilst the Envy Reaper bars are our recommended choice of aluminium bars, we would advise riders that aluminium bars are not as strong as chromoly bars, and so if you are prone to breaking bars we would recommend going for the stronger chromoly bars.


WIDTH: 25.00
HEIGHT: 29.00
DEPTH: 1.70


IHC: Yes
SCS: Yes, use a standard SCS adaptor (sold separately)


We will gladly cut your bar and/or add a slit as per your requirements.

Simply add the following product(s) to your cart.

Services | Bar Cutting (Height)

Services | Bar Cutting (Width)

Services | Bar Cutting (Slit)

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